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We are glad to introduce ourselves that we are leading manufacturers of 1.1 KV, XLPE/ PVC Power/Control Cables, FRLS Cables, AAAC/ACSR Conductor and Aerial Bunched Cables. Marco Cables Pvt. Ltd. is EMS 14001/ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Our heavy duty cables are manufactured with CU / Al conductor PVC / XLPE insulated, laid up, inner sheath may be applied by extrusion / tapping, process and is of thermoplastic material. The Armouring is of galvanised mild steel wires./ strips. The Final sheathing with high grade PVC. All as per relevant IS: Specification. It gives you smooth outlook and good performance. Our cables are tested at every stages from raw material to finished cables. You are assured that once you have installed Our cables you can forget it, that is the way we want it, so do we. Our PVC Insulated and Sheathed cables incorporate the following built in plus points.
High resistance to ageing under severe conditions.
High moisture proof.
High resistance to most the chemicals, acid or alkalies, solvents liquid fuels, greases and oils, which may come in contact with the cables surface.
Self extinguishing and flame retardant. The PVC material only burns in a direct flame and extinguishes itself when the source of ignition is removed. The PVC Sheath protects the cables from the mould deposits and to some extent attack by termites and rodents.
High dielectric strength
High resistance to d.c. voltage effects.
High resistance to abration.
Good mechanical strength even under high temperature or rough usage.
Super smooth surface and neat, pleasant appearance.

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